iPhone 5 - World's Best Selling Smartphone

iPhone 5 world's best selling smartphone

The Samsung vs. Apple battle continues with the latest round being taken by Apple with fantastic sales results for the last quarter of 2012. The iPhone 5 was the best-selling phone of the quarter selling 27.4 million units with second place also being taken by Apples iPhone 4S.



Samsung only managed to get into third position with 15.4 million units sold during the same period.

These latest figures come from Strategy Analytics and show that smartphone sales were up with total sales reaching 217 million units worldwide, compared to 172 million in the previous quarter.

Samsung took the top sales crown in the third quarter taking a huge lead on Apple and considering the iPhone 5 was only just released before the final quarter this could account for such a big lead as fans wait for the phone release to get the latest offering from Apple.

15.4 million units sold is still very impressive when considering how long the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been out so Samsung can be happy that it is still flying off the shelves.

So can Apple retain top spot? The Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to be released very soon so the Apple and Samsung battle will enter another round - who will win?

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