iPad Pro Reportedly Set to Struggle

iPad Pro

It appears that Apple’s upcoming tablet might be in for an uphill battle when it does eventually launch, after suppliers have reportedly received orders for just 2.5 million units at launch.

Apple announced the new 12.9” tablet earlier on this year, touting it alongside the Apple Pen and a smart keyboard connector.

However, according to DigiTimes, the tablet isn’t being ordered in the same quantities as you might expect from a new iPhone or other iPad device – meaning it might be hard to pick up over the holiday season should it prove a hit.

Why So Few?

Over two million might sound like a fair few tablets, but on a global scale that’s a very small amount, especially for a company as large as Apple.

The iPad Pro is next up on Apple's launch list!

Compared to the latest iPhone launch, which garnered over 13 million sales in its first weekend, it appears that the iPad Pro is targeting a much smaller number of sales. This comes down to how much the tablet will be costing, with its price tag topping the £600 mark for 128GB, whilst additional feature like the Apple Pen and smart keyboard could make this total as high as £800.

This has priced many fans out of the larger iPad’s market, with those users likely to target less expensive Apple tablets like the iPad Mini or iPad Air.

Apple will likely be making this amount, but have factories and suppliers on call just in case sales begin to rise, in which case more of the devices will be made, possibly with a longer delivery estimate.

The Best iPad Yet?

Rocking a 12.9” IPS LCD screen, the iPad Pro will be the biggest screen yet for the franchise – and Apple is going all out behind the display as well.

An Apple A9X chipset offers plenty of power, whilst 4GB RAM and up to 128GB of internal memory also make for a beastly spec sheet. Besides this, a relatively modest 8 megapixel rear based camera holds its own along with a 1.2 megapixel effort – both of which do a decent job despite their low ratings.

The iPad Pro and its accessories are notably expensive...

It’s the software which many are excited about however, with this being the best iPad for multitasking by a fair stretch. On top of this, media fans with some spare cash are also likely to invest thanks to the improved display, which should make for the best movie watching experience on any tablet on the market.

This should help the Apple device through its tricky opening period, and if it does perform, we can expect to see more of them popping up in stores in the future!

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Written by Luke Hatfield