iPad Pro Could Feature Stylus

iPad Pro

With talks of a larger Apple tablet on the horizon, we were surprised to hear that the California based company are having patents approved for a stylus.

If you’ll look back a few years, you will remember Apple stating that stylus’ are a waste of time, having to ‘get it out all the time and eventually lose it’, but it seems it has changed its tone.

The patents being approved are for an iStylus, which will bear resemblance to the likes of Samsung’s S-Pen, used with the Galaxy Note Pro and Tab.

The iStylus is most likely to feature alongside a 12.9” iPad Pro, as we’re expecting it to be called, which will be released later on this year.

Features for the iStylus are sketchy at best, but it would be safe to assume it would almost certainly sport features we haven’t seen before with a stylus.

An actual announcement for the iPad Pro is yet to be made by Apple, but many are expecting such a device after the recent release of the iPad Air.

This release would be in direct competition with a couple of upcoming Samsung Tablets, continuing the fued between Apple and the Korean tech giants.

As we get more information we will be sure to pass it on, but it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for any more information in terms of tablets from Apple.

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Written by Luke Hatfield