iPad Mini 4 on the way!

iPad Mini 4

Apple’s tablet line-up hasn’t seen too much love so far this year, with the latest iPhone and Apple Watch launches taking up the majority of the spotlight. However, after a couple of leaked pictures emerged suddenly it looks like the tablet market could be getting a new addition!

The leaks seem to picture the next smaller Apple tablet, coming in with the expectable name of the iPad Mini 4. But is it set to hit the mark?

Leaks need plugging!

Apple tends to keep its cards pretty close to the chest whenever a new device is getting built, so it’s a bit of a surprise to see the next iPad making its way into the public domain if we’re being honest.

The leak itself isn’t actually all that revealing, with a tablet which is conveniently named the iPad Mini 4 sporting a fairly minimal case and it has happened on others as with leaks for other iPads.

Leaks involving cases aren’t uncommon either, so there’s nothing to say that this isn’t the iPad Mini device we’ll be seeing if and when it does launch. Of course, on the same note it could turn out to be complete conjecture.

The pictures show the tablet and the case without mentioning any dimensions or specs, so don’t expect to get flooded with information right away.

In fact, considering that the previous three iPad Mini devices have all packed the same size construction it’s unlikely that there’ll be a lot to shout about when it arrives unless the specs take a dramatic upturn.

More of an upgrade this year?

Is this the new iPad Mini 4?

One of the major issues most people had with the iPad Mini 3 was that it was almost identical to the Mini 2, with just the Touch ID fingerprint scanner being added.

Other details like the processor, screen and memory were all kept from the Mini 2, meaning that you were essentially paying extra purely for the biometric technology.

This time around we are hoping for more of an improvement, with an improved Apple A9 chipset and a better camera some of the biggest expectations.

An increase in screen size probably won’t be on the cards considering the miniature style, although a sharper resolution might not be too far from fruition.

Of course, as with all Apple products you can expect a fairly ambitious price tag to come along with it which will draw criticism, even though people are likely to pay it anyway.

iPad Mini 4 Release Date

With leaks beginning to emerge, it’s very likely that the iPad Mini 4 is nearing some kind of commercial launch. The smart money has the tablet being unveiled alongside the new iPhone handset sometime this September, although Apple could release it separately.

Either way, Apple will likely stay quiet about it until it decides to break radio silence, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Written by Luke Hatfield