iPad Air 2 Dummy Leaked

What can we expect from the iPad Air 2

With all the hype surrounding Apple right now, it was no surprise to see countless iPhone 6 leaks popping up all over the place, but now it looks like the iPad Air 2 is getting involved as well.

The iPad Air 2 is the obvious successor to the original iPad Air, which has grown into the most popular slate on the market since its release last October, and is looking as good as ever, even if these pictures are of a dummy version.

Obviously we don’t get a look at how iOS 8 runs on the tablet, with only the physical design of the slate getting shown off, but even still it is certainly impressive.

Weighing in at 484g, it’s slightly heavier than the original Air, but it’s unsure whether this dummy model’s weight will be reflective of the WiFi or mobile data version of the tablet.

Should you buy the iPad Air 2 when it's released?

It still looks incredibly thin though, living up to its name, and it also boasts a slightly more curvy and attractive design, similar to the iPhone 6 leaks we’ve been seeing of late.

A noticeable addition to the dummy tablet is the TouchID fingerprint scanner, which is easily distinguished by its shiny sapphire glass ring around the home button.

With iOS 8 alongside it, you can expect to see plenty of iPad Air users utilising the kit when paying for things, as well as for accessing third-party apps, a feature new with the latest operating system.

Also, multi-task windows could well be integrated in the latest iPad Air, thanks again to iOS 8, letting users manage multiple apps at the same time, something that has already been managed on the latest Android tablets for a while now.

All the ports and buttons are included on the dummy model, with nothing of interest to point out, with business seemingly going as usual on this front.

Do you think this dummy iPad Air 2 looks the part?

In terms of specs, you can expect to see an Apple A8 processor handling the speed of the slate; with a 128GB version giving memory hoggers out there something to be happy about, especially considering that Apple hasn’t introduced an SD card slot on any handheld device to date.

Alongside the Air, we are also expecting a brand new iPad Mini, and possibly the iPad Pro, which could offer a larger screen (possibly up to 12”) and more powerful specs.

Also, the iPhone 6, which is due to sport two different models itself, and the purported iWatch can both be expected to make an appearance as well, making for a very interesting couple of months for Apple users.

Overall it’s looking like an extremely expensive autumn for those who are heavily involved in the Apple hype, or for those looking to jump on board the already crowded iPad boat.

So, what are your thoughts on the possibility of an iPad Air 2? Will you be seriously considering picking one up? Or do you think it could be a flop? You can let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield