iOS 8.2 Software Due in March

iOS 8.2

Apple is officially working on its latest software update, which is set to be released in March, bringing some long awaited smartwatch compatibility.

The news comes from an informant within Apple, revealing that the software is in development and will be hitting handsets in March.

Bring on the AppleWatch

The main feature that comes with iOS 8.2 will be AppleWatch compatibility, making the current batch of iPhones work alongside the upcoming wearable launch.

Apple is expected to launch the smartwatch this April, but a date for release is yet to be confirmed. However, the company has requested that all developers have their wearable apps ready by mid-February, meaning that this could hint toward an early March release for the software.

Will the AppleWatch be on our wrists in April?

This also means that Apple should be ready to go in time for the AppleWatch release in April, avoiding any issues or glitches like it encountered after the original release of iOS 8.

Many Apple users were left struggling at the launch of the latest Apple software, with problems affecting older handsets’ abilities to make calls and establish data connections. Following this, an update which was supposed to fix these problems then caused major issues for iPhone 6 users, resulting in a huge backlash.

iOS 8 Glitches

The problems with iOS 8 have finally been ironed out with the 8.1.3 update, which has given the software added stability.

This has helped buoy the uptake of the software, which is positioned at approximately 72% of Apple based handsets and tablets.

This is up by 9% compared to the numbers from December 2014, and means that Apple users are finally beginning to rebuild their trust with the iOS kit after a less than inspiring few months from the company.

Around a quarter of Apple iPhones and iPads are still running on iOS 7, whilst just 3% of devices are running on some of Apple’s older operating systems.

This comes in stark contrast to the likes of Android’s latest Lollipop update, which for now can be found on just 1.6% of all Android smartphones right now.

Will iOS 8.2 be a hit?

This comes down to an equally poor rollout of the platform by Google, which saw numerous bugs mar the launch of the software.

Also, due to larger array of Android handsets, and staggered rollouts of software, this discrepancy was somewhat expected by the people at Google.

iOS 8.2 Launch

As always, all iPhone and iPad devices will be getting access to iOS 8.2 at approximately the same time, with a couple days normally the only real difference between devices.

The update itself doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but isn’t expected to be delayed.

We recommend ensuring that you download the software via iTunes on your computer, rather than wirelessly, and that you make sure to back-up all of your data before going through with it.

So, what are your thoughts on this latest Apple update? Do you think it will be worth downloading? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield