iOS and Android BBM gets Update

BlackBerry Messenger Update

The immensely popular BlackBerry Messenger App is about to get much easier to use, with the release of a brand new update.

The upgraded software will allow you to ‘find friends’ through the app, as opposed to texting all of your contacts and asking for their BBM pin.

Contacts will be found through the app, and invites will be able to get sent to them, without the hassle of typing in PIN numbers or scanning QR codes.

Whilst BlackBerry was originally against this idea, it seems that the opportunity to bring in more users has won the Canadian manufacturer over.

The update will also allow for you to invite contacts who don’t have the application to download it through text or email, further increasing the app’s possibilities to build on its fan base.

BBM are currently going up against the likes of Whatsapp, iMessage and Google Hangouts on the smartphone messaging market, and is hoping that this move could tilt the scales in its favour.

The BlackBerry update is currently being rolled out on iOS and Android devices now, so you could well be able to make the download in the very near future.

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Written by Luke Hatfield