iOS 9.2 Goes Live

iOS 9

The latest update for the iOS operating system has begun to push out to users this week, bringing a host of changes to iPhones across the globe.

It doesn’t quite prove to be the most revolutionary change to your smartphone software, but it more than adds to the experience as well as dealing with plenty of bugs which were cropping up. So, is it worth downloading right away?

iOS 9.2 Changes

As always, Apple isn’t updating its software just for the sake of it, with a number of changes making their way into the new system.

The biggest movers and changers are the like of Apple Music, Apple News and Mail. However, there are dozens of minor fixes regarding general handset use as well, ranging from improving app stability right down to ensuring that the new Live Photos and 3D Touch features on the iPhone 6s all work properly.

What do you make of iOS 9.2?

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The Apple Music app has seen a number of infrastructural changes as well, now allowing you to create a new playlist when adding songs to new playlists, whilst also letting you download playlists and albums from your iCloud music library – rather than just songs.

The Apple News app has seen a new Top Stories section in the UK, USA and Australia, effectively keeping you up to date with the biggest happenings in the world. Meanwhile, a new mail drop feature allows you to attach larger files to emails sent direct from your phone.

Install iOS 9.2 now

As always, you should be given an automatic notification about the arrival of iOS 9.2 direct through your home screen. This does depend on your location and carrier, so if it hasn’t arrived yet, you needn’t worry too much.

If you’re eager to download it, you can go through to your settings page and manually search for the update. From there you’ll be prompted to download and install it, which will require a Wi-Fi connection and for your device to be plugged into the mains.

On top of this, we’d always suggest backing up and syncing any device before going through with any kind of software update. This is because if the update fails for any reason, your data will still be kept safe on your computer or via the iCloud.

Top Stories are a new addition to iOS 9.2...

As always, all updates have a chance of bringing up a few extra problems, although Apple will have vetted this update to ensure that it won’t be causing too many issues when it does get installed, although if you hang back you should be able to guarantee your safety from any problems which arise with the installation.

Every iOS 9 device will be offering the update, including everything from the iPhone 6s right down to the ageing 4s device. For more information, be sure to head over to the Apple iOS website.

What do you make of iOS 9.2? Have you downloaded it yet? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield