iOS 9 Rolls Out to Apple Devices

iOS 9

If you happen to have an iPhone, then it’s likely that you’ve had a notification pop through to your handset informing you of a new software update that’s available. That update is one of the biggest ones of recent times, and is named iOS 9, and it launched just yesterday (Wednesday).

But just what is iOS 9? How can you get your hands on it? Is it really worth ditching the iOS 8 software for it?

The iOS 9 Rollout…

Announced what seems like an eternity ago, we were finally given the iOS 9 launch date during the iPhone 6s announcement, and now it’s finally arrived. If you have an iPhone 4s or up you’ll be given access to the download, whilst other older devices like the iPad 2 and iPad Mini can also use the software.

iOS 9 is here! But what does it bring?

If you haven’t been notified about the update yet then you can always search for it manually in the Settings menu of your Apple device by going to General > Software Update. Also, the software is much smaller than iOS 8 was (at just 1.3GB), so even those with memory strapped devices should be able to squeeze it in.

As always, we’d recommend doing a back-up before you get going with the update, just in case you happen to encounter any problems along the way.

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New iOS 9 Features

iOS 9 isn’t quite the mass overhaul you might expect from Apple, especially not when compared to iOS 8. However, it does boast a nice new selection of features which do a solid job and don’t cause any problems.

Notes has seen a decent update, allowing you to upload pictures directly into them much more easily, as well as letting you draw on them for a more personal touch. A new proactive Siri is offering much more help when it comes to organising your smartphone life, whilst multitasking features also appear on selected iPads.

Do you have iOS 9?

Apple’s own News app is also on the latest update, although it isn’t showing just yet in the UK – something which is set to change soon. A low power mode also makes the cut on the handset, apparently extending your battery life by around three hours.

On top of all of this, there are a number of smaller changes including a new phone-wide font and improved security settings.

If you’re eager to download the update, we’d definitely recommend it – with very few problems being reported as of yet. However, you should always take care if you’re updating, as there’s always the chance of some problems popping up.

So, have you downloaded iOS 9? What do you make of the brand new system? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield