iOS 9 Unveiled at WWDC

iOS 9

Apple has shown off its next operating system to the masses this week, with WWDC officially staging the first iOS 9 demonstration of 2015.

Apple was even nice enough to show off all of the new features the system is set to bring us later on this year – with not as many as you might’ve expected this time around.

Proactive Siri

Siri is making some changes for iOS 9!

Siri’s been on our iPhones for a while now, since the iPhone 4s if you need reminding, so it’s no surprise to see it get freshened up with the next iOS instalment.

Apple is giving it a very Google-esque feel about it by letting it help you without making you ask, much like Google Now.

Siri can now keep a track of your location and connected devices as well as the time, so if you were to plug some headphones in when at home – it will open up the music player.

Equally, the feature can now gain access to emails and invitations stored on the phone, to remind you of these events as well as offering suitable travel times if there’s heavy traffic.


Currently for the iPad crowd only, Apple is finally bringing an effective multitasking tool to iOS 9, with two different options available.

Slide Over is the first and less complex way to get some extra work done, by offering a tab on the right side of the screen to work from a separate app. It works very similarly to the Xbox One’s Snap function, meaning that you can only use one app at once.

We can finally multitask on iOS 9!

Only a certain number of apps are compatible with the Slide Over function, so don’t expect all of your favourites to offer the functionality on launch.

Split View is the more exciting prospect for many, which allows iPad users to work two apps simultaneously, as well as providing a way to alter aspect ratio for both.

The only issue for both features is that they are device specific, with Slide Over available on tablets from the iPad Air and Mini 2 onwards. Split View is even more exclusive, with just the iPad Air 2 offering functionality for that feature due to the amount of power it requires.


One area which Apple Maps has always lagged behind with compared to Google Maps is public transport.

Google has offered this feature for a good while now, and Apple is finally catching up – albeit in a select set of cities off the bat.

It’ll be covering buses, trains and everything else in between, with London the only UK city being mentioned upon release. However, it’s unlikely that Apple will be stopping there, so expect it to hit other big cities sooner rather than later. Check out all the new features of the IOS9 with Apple

The Extras

As with all iOS upgrades, there are numerous other improvements worth shouting about; typing is one such feature which is being upgraded. The software will now allow for shortcuts to the copy and paste method, as well as acting as a trackpad to make navigating notes easier.

What's new with the iOS 9 keyboard?

A new News app is also promising to offer bespoke stories matched to your interests, similar to the BlinkFeed HTC feature on the One M9.

Finally, improvements will be visible to the Notes app as well as with CarPlay, if you’re lucky enough to have an iOS capable vehicle.

Release Date

Apple is offering a free public beta for the operating system next month (July), although the full release won’t be until autumn, typically with the new iPhone release which is due in September.

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Whilst the beta will definitely be intriguing, we’d recommend holding your horses before picking it up, as reverting back to iOS 8 may be tricky if the new software is buggy.

So, what do you make of iOS 9? Do you think it’ll be a huge success? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield