Apple Unveils iOS 9.0.2 Update!

iOS 9.0.2

Apple has officially opened up iOS 9.0.2 to iPhone users, just a week after the first bout of iPhone fixes made an appearance with the 9.0.1 download.

Apple’s iOS 9 update has already proved incredibly popular for iPhone fans, with adoption rates soaring thanks to the biggest array of compatible devices that run the system. This comes in complete contrast to the Android operating system, which regularly sees adoption rates below 50%.

More Bug Fixing Fun!

As was the case with iOS 9.0.1, we aren’t going to be seeing too many flashy features with this update. Instead, it’s bug fixing that the doctor’s ordered, bringing plenty of changes behind the scenes which won’t have too much of an effect on the way you see or use your iPhone.

iOS 9 is already getting updated left, right and centre!

Whilst 9.0.1 targeted issues like alarm failures, data usage issues and other small niggles, 9.0.2 focuses on some of the other problems which came with iOS 9. Fixing iMessage problems is arguably the biggest part of the update, whilst podcast stability, screen rotation and mobile data deactivation are also helped out with the update.

These changes, along with the ones brought in previous downloads should guarantee that using any updated device should be an easier and simpler process with fewer frustrations.

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No Going Back…

As the new update was announced, Apple also began removing rollback opportunities to iOS 8.4.1 and iOS 9.0. This basically means that you can no longer get these versions of the operating system on your device if you’ve already moved forward.

So, if you happen to have one of these versions of iOS based in your smartphone, once you make the move forward you won’t be able to revert back if you don’t happen to like it – however unlikely that it.

It also means that Apple is suitably pleased with the performance of iOS 9.0.1 to make it so that it’s the only version of the software that users can move back to. On top of this, it could also suggest that Apple is done with the majority of bugs which were creating problems with the iOS 9 update, meaning that the next update could be more feature-filled.

Say hello to the latest Apple update!

UK users are still waiting for the Apple News app, so this could be included in the next iPhone update, which is likely to drop sometime next month or in early December.

As always, we recommend backing up your iPhone before taking in any update. All iPhone users should have been automatically notified of the update, if not, you can access it manually in your iPhone’s Settings menu.

So, have you downloaded this latest Apple update? If so, let us know how you’re getting on via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield