iPhone iOS 9.3 Preview

iPhone iOS 9 3 preview

Apple has just released the developer preview of iOS 9.3. There isn’t an indication of the date that the next iOS update will become available to regular users but there is certainly plenty to rejoice about in anticipation. 

Here we take a look at what the next iOS update will offer:

Night Shift - Comfortable Viewing Experience

Exposure to bright blue light at night is proven to make it harder to fall asleep and while solutions have been available for PCs, they have eluded phones so far. 

Night Shift

Night Shift will use the iPhone or iPad’s clock and Geo-location to determine the time of sunset for your location. At sunset a shift of colours to the warmer end of the spectrum, such as oranges and reds, will make viewing easier on the eyes and help you fall asleep naturally, when bedtime calls.

The regular colour settings automatically return at sunrise.

Health - It's a New Year isn't it?

It will now be possible to find third party apps to track your health and fitness. Apps can be added to your Health dashboard and a new menu slider shows categories such as Workouts, Weight and Sleep.

The Health metrics from an Apple Watch can also be displayed including move, exercise and stand data.

Keep track with Notes

Notes may contain all sorts of personal data and iOS 9.3 will allow these to be secured with a fingerprint or password. This means that Notes that may contain your medical information, financial details or website logins will remain private, as intended.

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CarPlay In Maps

The Nearby feature in Maps will add parking, restaurants, petrol stations and coffee shops to the available information.


In addition to this, New and For You will be added to Apple Music, with artists, songs and albums hand picked by experts or selected based upon your chosen preferences.

Personalised News

The For You feature will make it even easier to find news that is tailored to you and when you check for updates, the latest stories will appear more quickly. Editor’s Picks will be highlighted and videos can be played right from the feed.

Mobile Operating System Battle

As Apple and Google go head to head with their OS, which one will come out on top this year. In 2015 their were more Android hardware sold, keeping in mind there are far more different models using Android. The big smartphone for Android will be the Samsung Galaxy S7, but will these IOS updates along with the iPhone 7 release close the gap in 2016?

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Written by: Michael Brown