iOS 8.4 Coming this week!

Beats 1

Apple’s launch of iOS 8 has proved yet another fruitful adventure, with users being gifted with one of the best mobile operating systems of recent memory.

But it looks like Apple isn’t resting on its laurels anytime soon, with yet another update coming for the system which will provide one of the system’s most exciting features to date. But what is it?

Say Hello to Beats 1 Radio

Say hi to Beats 1 Radio!

Ever since Apple acquired Beats by Dre there’s been talk of a music streaming service being launched to rival the likes of Spotify and the more recent arrival of Tidal. This update will be bringing that competitor, and it’s not going in half-cocked either.

Working with some of the biggest names in music, Apple will be launching its Beats 1 Radio just an hour after the update starts seeding, with Zane Lowe hosting a show on the station.

Other big names include Dr Dre, who launched Beats by Dre, Drake and Elton John – all of whom will either be interviewed or host some kind of show on the platform.

The streaming service will be free for the first three months, although after that users will be asked to pay $9.99 (£6.50) per month for it. Depending on the level of success it sees, Apple may increase or decrease the price, however that decision will be a long way off yet.

Reports also seem to confirm that Apple Music library limit will be upping from 25,000 songs to 100,000 with iOS 9’s launch later on this year.

How to get iOS 8.4

What's the deal with iOS 8.4?

Thankfully, there’s not a whole lot of work you need to do if you want to get your mitts on the next version of iOS 8, with Apple doing most of the work for you.

You should be automatically notified when your iPhone or iPad is eligible to download and install the update, however if you’re eager you can head to your settings menu to try and manually look up the update.

The update itself is due on Tuesday at 4pm GMT, which is around two hours earlier than normal to compensate for the launch of Beats 1 Radio, which launches at 5pm.

As always, software updates do vary between locations and networks, so don’t be shocked to see your update come slightly later than expected. Apple will be trying to keep this launch as smooth as possible, so we shouldn’t expect a huge wait, but then again there are always slight niggles which are bound to arise.

On top of Beats 1 Radio, you can expect numerous bug fixes to come along with iOS 8.4, all of which will be detailed with the launch.

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Written by Luke Hatfield