iOS 8 Now Available to Download

iOS 8 Update

Apple’s latest version of its famed iOS mobile software is now officially available to download on compatible devices.

iOS 8 is being regarded by those at Apple as one of the biggest mobile operating system updates ever made by the company, which comes just ahead of the iPhone 6 launch on Friday.

The latest update was originally shown off during WWDC this summer, after which developers got a chance to play with the software and create apps and features for its commercial release.

However, after the unveiling of the iPhone 6 last week, Apple confirmed that its iOS 8 update would be available two full days before the handset’s release.

Will you be downloading iOS 8 on the iPhone?

What's new with iOS 8?

Open to iPhone 5s, 5, 5s and 5c users, iOS 8 adds few design changes whilst including a larger number of internal alterations.

The most noticeable changes come in the forms of serviceable notifications, several new apps and the QuickType keyboard, which can now be changed with third party apps as well.

Several other changes have also been included, with Family Sharing being activated upon your request and a simple ‘recents’ menu opening up at the top of your handset when double tapping the home screen.

Audio can now be included in messages with the press of a button, along with location, and group messages can now be muted and altered in new ways.

Also, Siri has seen a Shazam style addition in which you simply ask ‘what song is this?’ and Siri will give you a link to the track via iTunes.

Selfie lovers also get a nice change with the latest update, which now gives a selfie timer using the front facing lens, which is a nice touch.

Users should be invited to download the latest operating system automatically, however, if you haven’t yet you can manually go through to settings to check for the update.

What's your take on iOS 8?

Handsets Compatible with iOS 8

As mentioned before, only iPhones from the 4s model are capable of updating, so if you own an older handset you’ll have to settle for what you’ve currently got.

It isn’t just Apple iPhones getting the update, as the iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini and Mini with Retina Display are all capable of updating, whilst the iPod Touch 5th generation is the only dedicated music player included in the iOS 8 party.

Users waiting for their iPhone 6’s and 6 Plus’ handsets will be happy to hear that iOS 8 comes built in with their handsets, so won’t be required to update their handsets when they pick them up.

Users planning to update older models should try and ensure that they have several GB storage space free and back-up their device before updating.

The iOS 8 update takes approximately 30 minutes to complete if done through computer connection, whilst wireless updating normally takes slightly longer.

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Written by Luke Hatfield