iOS 8.1 Gets Launch Date

iOS 8.1 Coming soon!

Apple hasn’t taken long to update its iOS 8 software since its release last month, and now it looks like the first major update is heading our way, with iOS 8.1 confirmed for an October 20th launch date.

Having released iOS 8 just days ahead of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it comes as a bit of a shock to see Apple releasing such an update so early, with the software normally getting several fixes over the opening months.

However, Apple looks to have changed its mind and is bringing several new features along for the ride on its latest version of iOS.

iOS 8 is Apple's latest mobile software

iOS 8.1 Features

The first and probably most anticipated feature to make the cut for iOS 8.1 is Apple Pay, a feature which lets you use the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as a form of payment with TouchID playing a key role.

Also, the Camera Roll feature is set to return as well, something which has caused a bit of a stir with Apple fans who have largely preferred the full array of pictures being found in one place.

Third party apps permissions’ will be easier to alter now on iOS 8.1, with a simple settings panel allowing you to toggle what apps are allowed to do what.

A couple design changes have also been made for the update, mainly consisting of widget icons increasing in size on the ‘today’ panel, which can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the display.

Finally, the iBooks app icon seems to be getting freshened up as well which is always nice, even though it’s one of the less popular Apple based apps on the handset.

It’s likely that there will be plenty of attention surrounding the launch of iOS 8.1, especially after the issues shown by iOS 8.0.1, which resulted in some iPhone 6 devices suffering from TouchID and network service issues after it was downloaded.

Users have since expressed concern about new downloads from Apple, with many users currently sticking with iOS 8, rather than downloading 8.0.2.

However, it’s likely that the lure of Apple Pay could sway the majority of users into the download, even though it has only been confirmed for the US market as of yet.

Apple Pay is the biggest feature from iOS 8.1 without a doubt.

Apple Pay

It’s expected that Apple Pay will be opened up to other markets if it takes off in the US, with the UK sure to be one of the main areas for the software to head to, especially seeing as contactless technology is implemented heavily already.

Developers can already gain access to the update through form of a beta, however for standard iPhone users this isn’t a good option, considering the inherent bugs and issues with unfinished software.

Either way, it looks like Apple is moving on from the iOS 8.0.1 debacle, hopefully it won’t cause any more issues when iOS 8.1 comes along.

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Written by Luke Hatfield