iOS 7.1 'Weeks Away'

Apple iPhone Update

After over five months of work, iOS 7.1 is now only ‘weeks away’ from hitting the general public’s Apple hardware.

The update, which has long been in the works, looks set to hit the UK before the end of March after going through its final beta testing round.

The update is set to offer several new features with Apple’s ‘in the car’ feature looking to stand out when the update goes live.

General speed and reliability of the operating system is also going to be improved in the update, with random crashes and resets also tackled by fixes.

Small changes to the design will also be likely to come around with the update, but it isn’t expected to be a mass overhaul by any means.

It’s unknown however if the update will help fight the battery problems many users have faced since switching to iOS 7, especially those on older handsets like the iPhone 4 and 4s.

The update will span the range of recent iPhone, iPod and iPad devices already sporting iOS 7.

One of Apple's last update helped tackle the random resets some users were experiencing when on the home screen.

Download will be available through iTunes or wirelessly with a wi-fi connection and charger cable attached to the handset.

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Written by Luke Hatfield