iOS 7.1 Hits the UK

iOS 7.1 is now available in the UK

If you have an iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c or 5s you should be noticing a small red notification hit your settings icon anytime now, after Apple released the latest iOS update 7.1 this week in the UK.

The iOS 7.1 update has been on the cards for a while now and packs plenty of features to help your iPhone stay in tip-top shape.

Features include everything from a new CarPlay feature, for iPhone 5s only, which links your car and your phone seamlessly, with vehicles capable of running the feature on the way, to Siri improvements.

The list of improvements also tackle the likes of the ‘white screen of death’ glitch some iPhone users found, button shape improvement options and added accessibility features for those who struggle to view the display of the iPhone very well.

The update has been rolled out across the UK now, with all of our iPhones here having already been notified, but if you haven’t received it yet, you needn’t worry, as location and carrier settings do have an effect on the timing of the update, normally only by a matter of hours.

Talk has already begun about the next update, which most likely won’t rear its head until the summer, unless a major flaw is found in this most recent update.

Rumours aren’t too thick on the ground just yet, but when we get some solid information, we’ll be sure to let you know what might be coming.

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Written by Luke Hatfield