iOS 7.1 Due Any Day Now

iOS 7.1

iPhone users out there can rejoice, as Apple will finally be releasing iOS 7.1 sometime before March 11th, in time for the upcoming iTunes Festival held in Texas.

The update was expected around this time when we reported on it a few weeks back, and it seems that the rush comes from the update supporting the upcoming iTunes Festival’s app.

With the festival starting on March 11th this means that Apple has only six days to get the update rolled out and running, which is a pretty tight schedule if you ask us.

The update is also expected to feature the CarPlay system which will allow users to integrate their phones into their cars in the not so distant future.

Battery issues and design are also expected to get refreshed in the update, but in general it’s not expected that the update will give a complete overhaul of user’s handsets.

Apple users have had a steady stream of updates since December, with some tackling freezing and resetting issues as well ahead of this more important instalment.

We won’t get a full look at the update until it’s actually released for download, meaning you’ll most likely know what we do when it arrives, but either way we will still send out an update in case you miss it.

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Written by Luke Hatfield