iOS 10.2 introduces new features

iOS 10.2

Apple has just released iOS 10.2 and this update sees iOS 10.2 introduce new features along with a series of fixes for issues experienced when using iOS 10.

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In this mobile phone news story we detail the new features of iOS 10.2 and highlight the most important fixes for those using the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and previous versions of the iPhone:

iOS 10.2 features

1. Emoji

  • Redesigned emoji are now featured and have even more detail
  • 100 new emoji have been added and these includes new faces, animals, food, professions and sports

2. Messages

  • Full screen effects added for love and celebration in Messages
  • Bug fix for keyboard not displaying in Messages

3. Photos

  • Accuracy increased for the grouping of photos of the same nature, such as people in the people album
  • Live Photos get a faster frame rate along with improved stabilisation
  • More support added for RAW digital cameras
  • Issue fixes including Memories that may have been generated from screenshots, receipts or whiteboards, as well as Camera Roll zoom locking issue on the iPhone 7 Plus

4. News

  • A dedicated section in For You will now include the best paid stories from channels that you subscribe to 
  • The Saved section now features Stories that you have saved for later
  • Swipe left gesture and Next Story button have been added to make it easier to get to the next story

5. Music

  • The Now Playing screen has been adjusted so that a swipe up makes it easier to access Up Next, Repeat and Shuffle functions
  • You can now choose how to sort Albums, Playlists and Songs in Library

6. Mail

  • Bug fix for activating copy and paste with a long press
  • A fix tackles the issue where the wrong message would be selected after deleting a conversation in Mail
  • An issue where the Move sheet persists after filing a Mail message has been introduced
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The iOS 10.2 update also fixes many other minor issues that have affected Visual Voicemail, the Safari Reader, HomeKit Notifications, third party Bluetooth accessories and FaceTime.

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Written by: Michael Brown

iOS 10

We originally reported on the release of iOS 10 and all of its features back in June 2016. You can read that news story and find out about iOS 10 below:

Apple has just announced iOS 10, which will arrive this Autumn, and it is clearly the biggest release yet. As always, iOS 10 will be a free update for existing Apple owners and it will be compatible with the iPhone 5 or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPad 4th generation, iPad Air or iPad Pro.

There are numerous updates and new features, that no doubt will be available on the iPhone 7 release later this year too, check them out here.


Messages become massively more creative with the option to change the way message bubbles look or send messages using your own handwriting, with the contact seeing an animation of the handwriting as it happens.


Full screen animations can also be used when you want to say things like ‘Congratulations’ or ‘Happy Birthday’. Other items that can be inserted into messages includes one of six icons that can be used to make a quick response, cartoon stickers that will be available with the new iMessage app from the App Store and the ability to exchange words for an emoji, with a simple tap.

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iOS 10 will be able to send a photo that is hidden until it is swiped and will give access for using other apps to create and share content, or make payments from within the Messages app.


Maps in iOS 10 get a redesign with a look that is much fresher and cleaner to view. Within the Maps app users will be able to book a ride or reserve a table.

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Proactive suggestions of where you might want to go, can be shown within Maps, making it faster to get there. Users will also be able to search along the route to see the closest place to fill up, get a coffee or get food, with Maps showing the estimated extra time it will take to get to the final destination.


Simply raise the device to wake it up and the notifications will be there ready to see. iOS 10 will show photos and videos from within the notification bubble and let users create a response to messages, from within the notification.


More iOS 10 features

iOS 10 offers even more new features and improvements:

  • Music gets a new intuitive design with a clean look that makes it easy to enjoy music and view the lyrics of songs as they play
  • 3D Touch can be used in apps such as Weather, Stocks and Calendar, to a quick glance at the information within them
  • Siri can be used within more apps
  • Multilingual typing will allow users to enter text in two languages, without having to switch between keyboards
  • Home app lets users turn on their lights, raise window shades and unlock doors
  • Photos can be searched for by people or things within the images, such as a puppy, beach or football game
  • News app gets a redesigned
  • Apple Pay will make shopping online faster and safer with the option to pay within the browser

Want to see what the other side is doing? Check out the Android N features, with Google releasing its new OS in the autumn as well.

Written by: Michael Brown