Intel Gives Sneak Peek of Charger Bowl

During Intel’s keynote at CES, we saw a picture briefly hit the main screen which immediately drew our attention, a so called ‘charger bowl’.

Imagine a device that can sit on your bedside table and charge all of your electronics wirelessly, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or phablet.

Plenty of us have a bowl for our keys etc. so why not our electronics? The device wouldn’t require you to place the phone or device in a specific place, and uses magnetic resonance technology, which allows multiple devices to receive a charge without specific placement.

Intel was cagey about the device, giving us very little to work off, apart from mentioning that the bowl only works with their recently announced headset right now.

They were quick to add however, that other devices would be made compatible for the bowl, as very few consumers are likely to buy an entire bowl for just one device.

The bowl itself measures 10” in diameter, giving you enough room for all your mobile phones, tablets and even some ultrabooks.

The thing which really sold this to us is its design, it not only looks good but it has a genuine usefulness to it, unlike other wireless charging devices, which don’t take our fancy at the moment.

Intel could be on to something special if this bowl comes into fruition, and is able to charge a large portion of devices, we definitely have our fingers crossed for this device.

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By Luke Hatfield