Initial BlackBerry Z10 sales disappointing

Initial BlackBerry Z10 sales disappointing

Sales figures revealed today show disappointing results for the BlackBerry Z10, released just last month.

The reports reveal that the Canadian company has sold just 300,000 devices in the three weeks since its release, compared to the 1.75 million it was predicting. This disappointing news comes at a time which marks a make or break period for BlackBerry, after it has suffered losses following popularity being overtaken by the likes of apple, Samsung, HTC and Nokia in recent years.

Analysts have estimated that between 1 and 1.5 million Z10 devices will be shipped by April this year, which is more than half the original prediction of three to four million. However, analysts have stressed that this figure accounts for the handsets distributed to retailers, and not devices sold, which therefore infers that consumer sales figures could be much lower.

A reason behind the Z10’s slow start is due to the device only being released in a limited number of countries; although the UK was the first to get access to the Z10, the model won’t even reach the US- a massive market in the mobile phone industry- until mid-March.

Just last week we reported on how well the BlackBerry Z10 was doing in both the UK and Canadian markets. The CEO, Thorsten Heins, announced that the Z10 launch had sold three times as many devices as any previous launch had done in the UK before. Whether this was true or not the question still remains: will the Canadian company succeed in bringing BlackBerry back into fashion?