In-Flight Mobile Entertainment on its way


It appears smartphones and tablets could become a necessity when building up the air miles, with airlines set to install technology to assist their use on flights.

Gone are the days where we’d have to turn off all of our electronic equipment during a flight, technology has now advanced enough in mobile devices and airlines to stop them bothering each other.

Airlines are now jumping on this advancement, by creating technology to stream movies, TV and readable media to your smartphone, phablet or tablet mid-flight.

This will put an end to TV’s being built into the ceilings of some aircraft, saving costs for different airline companies, and boosting quality for passengers, with most tablets offering a far sharper image than airplane screens.

All passengers will have to do is download an app before flying and then activate the app on the plane, allowing you to view media and even order food and drink to their seats.

Lufthansa will be the first airline to use the technology, with the airline beginning to install the equipment in the near future.

Discussion has been constant about the use of smart devices on airplanes, with some airlines discussing their use to massive extents, even hitting the headlines in December.

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Written by Luke Hatfield