41 megapixel Nokia EoS specs leaked

41 megapixel Nokia EoS

The long awaited Nokia EoS -codenamed ‘Elvis’- has finally surfaced this week thanks to specs leaked by Windows Phone Central.

The device looks like it will feature a quad-core processor, 32GBs of storage, oh, and a whopping 41 megapixel camera with Xenon flash. Reports claim that this mega camera will take two photos for each shot you take; one at 35MP quality, and the other at 5MP, idea for sharing online.

Looking at the leaked images it is evident that the Nokia EoS will be launched in a luminous yellow with the same polycarbonate casing as we have grown to expect from Nokia devices. Also, the EoS is alleged to measure in at exactly 1mm thinner than the Nokia Lumia 920, though the curved back of the device means that it’s in fact no smaller in feel.

It is said the device will look like the Nokia Pureview 808 from last year (pictured above).

Not only will the Nokia EoS have an impressive camera lens, it will also be the first device to feature Nokia’s new Pro Camera app, which will turn the average smartphone editing-suite up a notch, with new fun photography effects as well as a manual focus.

And it seems that we might see the device hitting our shelves sooner than we thought as Nokia races towards a July launch.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel