iD Mobile Launching First UK Data Rollover Plan

Don't let your unused data go to waste.

If you've ever found yourself with 1GB of unused data at the end of the month only to see it disappear, rejoice: iD Mobile has introduced the first ever data rollover plan in the UK, in order to allow customers to use their entire data allowance every month.

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Any unused data left over will simply be transferred into the next month, ensuring you get the most out of your phone contract – and your money. The feature will be automatically turned on from February 11th, so don't worry about contacting the network.

Furthermore, any rolled over data will be used before starting the new month's allowance, but if you find you're consistently left with unused data, it may be that your contract isn't right for you.

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Adam Dunlop, General Manager at iD, said: “We’ve listened to our customers who have told us they want more control over the data they use, so we’re giving them the flexibility to use data they might not use in any given month at no extra charge.

“Data is one of the key considerations when choosing the right plan to suit your lifestyle, and we know data usage can vary from month to month, and can often result in higher monthly charges.

“This is why we’ve introduced Data Rollover, to give our customers more control over their plans and better value for money.”

How does Data Rollover work?

The scheme is completely free and is available to all existing and new iD customers who are on 12 or 24-month contract, as well as monthly SIM-only plans. However, it isn't available yet to customers on 12-month SIM-only plan.

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