Huawei Watch Announced at MWC

Huawei Watch

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has officially unveiled a brand new piece of wearable kit at MWC, dubbing it the Huawei Watch.

Putting more fuel to the round vs square smartwatch debate - the Huawei wearable is offering high end specs and a beautifully crafted design which could compete with the likes of the Apple Watch.

Check out the Huawei Watch here!

Huawei Watch Design

Sporting a round 1.4” AMOLED display, the Huawei Watch is one of the smaller screened wearables on the market – but don’t let this put you off.

Its round screen is the very first to be constructed using the sapphire crystal material, making it look superb but also being extremely durable.

This is then backed by the 400x400 resolution, giving the Huawei Watch a 286ppi ratio – higher than the likes of the Moto 360 and LG Urbane.

The bezel-free device is constructed with cold-gorged stainless steel with a unisex styling method in mind, making it suitable for almost any wrist.

Metal and leather bands are available and can be swapped at a moment’s notice, whilst the wearable also features over 40 customisable watch faces.

Huawei has topped off the design by introducing a classically styled crown placed toward the top right of the chassis, which acts as the device’s home button.

Huawei Watch Features

What do you make of the Huawei Watch design?

As you’d expect, it’s Android Wear taking the helm with the Huawei Watch’s software – making it incredibly simple and easy to use.

Huawei has also included its own health tracking software, which will work in unison with the heart rate sensor built into the back of the chassis.

For fitness fanatics with other wearable software currently in use, you’ll be happy to hear that the Huawei Watch also supports Google Fit and Jawbone. This means that you won’t be forced to start a fresh with your fitness software if you splash the cash on this wearable effort.

As with the majority of wearables, Huawei is including a smartphone app to accompany the device that allows you to link up easily with the handset.

Of course, with Android Wear included you’ll also be getting all of your notifications beamed directly to the wearable as well.

Will you be investing in the Huawei Watch?

Huawei Watch Release

There’s little information right now about a confirmed release date for the Huawei Watch, however you can expect it to drop in the very near future – possibly before the end of the month.

Pricing details are also sketchy, but you can expect it to price up at around £200. We’ll be sure to update you on these details when we get more information.

Of course, Huawei will be aiming to get its nose in front of Apple before its Apple Watch release next month, so details should be coming thick and fast over the coming days and weeks.

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Written by Luke Hatfield