Huawei Feeling The Love This Valentine's Day

Get your hands on a special bundle of love this Valentine's Day

What's the most romantic thing you will do for your significant other this Valentine's Day? Will you be getting them flowers or chocolates? Taking them on a trip to Rome or Paris? Making them breakfast in bed or a three-course dinner?

Well, forget about all that. We've found the single most romantic present this year – for smartphone lovers, at least.

So here's what will really make your Valentine swoon. (But get them flowers too. Everyone likes flowers.)

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Honor 5X and Honor 7 bundles

From 9:30 to 10:59 am this Thursday 11th, you'll be able to purchase special bundles from Huawei's UK online store. With your purchase of either an Honor 5X or Honor 7, you'll also be getting free gifts to share with your loved one.

The £189.99 Honor 5X will come with a free Honor Bluetooth AM08 wireless speaker – perfect for listening to the romantic playlist you made just for the occasion. You'll also be getting two Gameloft vouchers, worth £40 each. Sharing is caring!

The Honor 7, priced at £249.99, will come not only with the speaker and the two vouchers, but also the Honor 7 smart flip cover – so your love can protect their most precious possession (Not you, their brand new Honor 7.)

Why not splurge a little and get both bundles? Let's make his and hers smartphones the new thing!

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Honor 5X

What's the best Honor smartphone?

The 5X, Huawei's latest mid-range smartphone was only launched in Europe last week, and we're still waiting to get our hands on it – but it looks like it's more than worth its small price. Read here for all the specs and details on the handset!

We also love the Honor 7, which boasts a better camera than its cheaper counterpart. See all our other Huawei smartphones here!

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