Huawei to be blacklisted in the UK?

Huawei to be blacklisted in the UK?

The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, Huawei, is allegedly a threat to UK cyber-security, reports have emerged this week.

Britain’s intelligence centre, GCHQ, has been investigating Huawei equipment over the past two years, but it recently came to light that the technology may have the potential to be used in cyber-espionage for the Chinese government. Allegations have also been made alluding that Huawei have a connection to the Chinese army.

Although Huawei may not be a household name in the UK, the company actually supplies the 4G technology for Everything Everywhere (EE). Not only that, but Huawei currently has plans in the pipeline with British companies including O2, Virgin Media, Vodafone and 3 and also has a huge broadband contract with BT. This means that a possible ban on the Chinese manufacturer would have huge consequences on the UK telecommunications industry.

The government is now stuck in the middle between China and Europe and the US. After promising to double British trade to China by 2015, David Cameron must decide between fulfilling its pledge and protecting the cyber-security of the UK. It is said that a decision will be made before Christmas.