Huawei Teasing New Honor Smartphone


Huawei’s Honor line-up is well and truly on its feet, with smartphones like the Honor 7 proving worthwhile additions to any pocket. But it seems that the Chinese company isn’t resting on its laurels, with the manufacturer now teasing yet another smartphone that will be coming off the production line.

Whilst we haven’t been given a name yet, Huawei has been teasing the phone for a very close launch event, which is scheduled for next week.

The Next Huawei Honor

What does the next Honor have for us?

Expected on August 10th (next Monday), rumour has it that this new Huawei Honor phone could be the one we saw in a leak earlier on this month, which sported quite a strange design.

The new Honor smartphone played host to a ‘pop-up’ camera module, which offered both the rear and front facing lens, saving room on the front of the phone, whilst still packing high quality resolution.

Reports suggest that the phone could also pack a fingerprint scanner, although the leak itself couldn’t confirm or deny its existence.

One thing that was a notable point from the leak was the display, which looked large and powerful, whilst the bezels that sit either side of the screen were incredibly thin. This gives the Honor phone a distinctive and very pleasing design for many, although the camera module could be a bit too strange for some.

Huawei Honor Specs

Behind the scenes, we can expect to see the latest Android Lollipop operating system to go alongside a state of the art Kirin chipset. However, besides this we haven’t been given anything to work off.

Unfortunately, as we don’t even know the kind of quality we’ll be getting, it’s hard to even hazard a guess about the specs that will be included in the handset. However, given the upscale tastes which typically come with the Honor line-up, we wouldn’t expect anything too downtrodden.

Does this leak explain what Huawei will have on show?

Of course, it doesn’t seem that we’ll have to wait too long for news on the spec sheet, especially as there’s only a few days before the phone itself is officially revealed to the world.

Pricing and release details are also up in the air for now, so we’ll have to wait once again to get confirmed details about this, however it’s likely that the phone will only take a matter of weeks to hit the market following its launch.

All of this information is still considered rumour at this point (apart from the details about the announcement), so don’t go counting your chickens just yet, as all the information you’ll need will be public knowledge in just a few days’ time!

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Written by Luke Hatfield