Huawei Sends IFA Event Invites

Will we see Huawei at IFA?

September is fast becoming the busiest month of the year for all of us smartphone lovers, with Huawei being the latest big name manufacturer to issue IFA event invites.

If you didn’t know already, IFA is set to kick off on September 5th and runs for five days, showing off some of the latest mobile technology to the world.

Samsung and Microsoft were both quick to set out their stalls before the event, with each company sending out invites to events which are likely to showcase upcoming smartphone devices.

But now it looks as though Huawei is also planning a similar event in an effort to drum up some support for its soon to be released handsets.

Does this invite give up much information about the upcoming Mate 7?

Ascend Mate 7

The invite is widely expected to signify the appearance of a new Huawei flagship device, with the Ascend Mate 7 phablet the most likely to be shown off at the event.

The phablet is due to come in two different options; with a premium version of the device boasting a 6” QHD display over the more standard 1080p display on the standard handset.

Both Mate handsets will feature octa-core processors, 13 megapixel cameras, 5 megapixel selfie snappers and Android 4.4 KitKat as well.

3GB RAM is expected to make the cut on the more expensive Huawei device, whilst those opting for the cheaper model will have to cope with 2GB instead.

The invite itself also heavily links the Mate 7 to boast a fingerprint scanner, but it’s unconfirmed whether both versions will sport the security focused feature for now, but it’s still an exciting prospect either way.

Unfortunately we don’t have any more information as regards to the upcoming phablet’s specs, but you can expect to hear more about it heading into the event, with the ever present risk of leaks jumping the gun before the event.

IFA is already set to feature a number of high-end smartphones including the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Sony Xperia Z3 and Nokia Lumia 830, and the inclusion of the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 could be the technological cherry atop the cake.

What would you like to see from IFA this year?

Phablet Craze

The Mate 2 would also continue the growing emphasis on phablets, which have exploded in popularity over the past 12 months, with Apple also set to jump on the hype with its very own rumoured 5.5” iPhone 6.

Overall it’s looking like IFA could well be one of the events of the year, coupled with the impending Apple party which is set to take place on September 9th, a day before the Berlin based event comes to an end.

So, what are your thoughts on this new Huawei phablet set to make some waves at IFA? Would you consider picking it up later on this year? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Written by Luke Hatfield