Huawei P9Max Leaked Online


Huawei hasn’t long got off the back of its recent work with Google on the Nexus 6P, but it hasn’t broken its stride when it comes to its regular smartphone launches.

This was proven this week, as Huawei’s latest device managed to leak online, revealing a number of specs and a notable change to its predecessor. The Huawei P9Max is the phone we’re talking about, and it looks like it will be shedding some pounds coming into the holiday season.

Downsizing the Huawei Phablet

It seems that Huawei wasn’t entirely happy with how the P8Max did on the market, with its successor making a rather notable design change. The screen, which formerly sized up at 6.8”, now measures a reported 6.2”, showing a drop of over half an inch.

This doesn’t exactly make the P9Max a small phone, with the size still leaving it well ahead of the likes of the iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note5 and other phablets, but it’s definitely an unexpected move by Huawei.

What's the deal with the Huawei P9Max?

However, one thing which should appease fans of the display, is that the 1080p resolution is seeing a big bump all the way up to QHD quality. This makes it notably sharper than the P8Max, and should make for a much better viewing experience when it comes to watching movies or playing games.

Even still, fans of the huge display from the older phone will no doubt be disappointed, although we’re sure many will be able to manage with the 6.2” replacement they’ll be getting.

Powerful Huawei Specs

One area which definitely isn’t downsizing is the spec sheet. In fact, Huawei has poured more quality than ever before into the P9Max to ensure that you won’t be disappointed with the way the handset works.

A Kirin 950 chipset is the first major addition, and will be working alongside a whopping 4GB RAM to make for a solid performance when it comes to handling CPU intensive tasks. Elsewhere, an octa-core processor is also likely to make the cut, whilst a minimum storage amount of 64GB will be more than enough for most mobile users.

Will the P9Max be as successful as the P8Max?

Android 6.0 Marshmallow will also be included for software fans, and provides all kind of internal support for added security and performance, as well as bringing the classic Google design to the handset.

Camera duties are set to be handled by a dual rear set of lenses, which could work similarly to the dual effort we saw on previous HTC devices. The front of the phone will sport a more orthodox 5 megapixel selfie snapper should you seek some normality, although rumours of a front facing flash would add an extra sense of class to this part of the phone.

There is also sure to be a sizeable battery to deal with the huge screen which will be gulping down plenty of energy, although we’ve not been given a confirmed size just yet. View the latest Huawei phone models

As a whole, it seems that the Huawei P9Max could prove to be the flagship phablet to keep an eye on when it launches. However, if you’re eager to grab it, don’t expect it to hit shelves until early next year – with MWC a likely calling card.

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Written by Luke Hatfield