Huawei due to release a new phablet to rival Samsung's Note II

Huawei to release a new phablet to rival Samsung's Note 2

It has emerged recently that the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, Huawei, is set to release a new smartphone in 2013 which will rival the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Extensive details of the phablet (termed due to its combination of mobile phone and tablet features) have not been released, though it has been revealed that the new handset will feature a whopping 6.1 inch screen, dwarfing the Note 2’s 5.5 inch display.

Though little else is yet known, rumours have speculated that Huawei’s phablet will boast an impressive 1.8 GHz processor, set to rival the 1.6GHz Note 2.

Samsung fought off a vast amount of speculation that its larger smartphones, the Note and the Note 2, would not succeed in the market, as it didn’t appeal to the mainstream audience. However, the Korean mobile phone manufacturer has proved critics wrong, and the Note 2 has become one of the most popular smartphones around.

It would seem as though other phone manufacturers have used Samsung’s experiment to test the waters before joining the phablet trend and releasing their own versions. LG announced the release of the Optimus Vu with its 5 inch display back in June this year, whilst HTC have announced plans to launch the Butterfly, also with a 5 inch screen.

However, until these new handsets are fully released into the market, it is difficult to confirm whether or not they will indeed rival Samsung’s Note 2. With Samsung dominating the Android market, loyal customers may just sit tight. But what we can say for sure is that the future for smartphones is definitely on its way up. And out. It would seem that bigger is very much better…