HTC Planning Windows Powered One M8

Could we see a Windows powered HTC One M8?

If you’re a Windows Phone advocate, it’s likely that you’ll currently be having a Nokia device in your pocket, but that could be changing soon.

HTC has finally had images leaked of its rumoured Windows powered smartphone, which is pretty much a direct port of the HTC One M8.

The One M8 has been one of the most successful HTC handsets ever released, generating a huge amount of interest this spring when it made its simultaneous European and American release.

Its design also turned plenty of heads, with the brushed metal casing and dual camera set-up winning over plenty of doubters.

This move to switch operating systems should also boost sales for HTC, with many fans of the Microsoft owned system dying for a new piece of hardware to play with.

Will the HTC handset sport Windows Phone 8.1?

HTC One W8?

Currently, the handset has a codename of the W8, which could end up being its actual name, but this detail won’t be finalised until we get an official reveal from HTC.

The specs from the M8 however will likely be sticking around, meaning the 5” full HD display, 16/32GB storage options and 2GB RAM will all be staying put.

The Snapdragon 801 chipset, quad-core 2.3 GHz processor and 4 megapixel dual camera lens will also be keeping their places for another go on the HTC merry-go-round.

Windows Phone 8.1 will be the software making an appearance right out of the box, meaning that the likes of Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant could well be included on the handset.

Currently, HTC has an event planned later on this month in the Big Apple, August 19th to be exact, which is expected to be the date when the handset is revealed.

It’s unknown whether the handset will be available over here in the UK right away (seeing as HTC has no event planned over here we’re not holding our breath just yet), but it should be seeing a European release at some point.

The price of the HTC M8 port should be the same as the original M8, meaning you can expect a sim-free version of the device to set you back around £550 for a 16GB version, with the 64GB version being more toward the £600 mark.

Will August 19th be the day of reckoning for the HTC W8?

Windows Phone on Sony or Samsung?

With this news, it seems that Microsoft’s tactic of drawing in more manufacturers to use its much improved operating system is finally working.

Manufacturers like Sony and Samsung have also been approached if reports are to be confirmed, with Microsoft sometimes offering hefty sums of cash to tempt companies as well.

We get the feeling that other companies may just wait and see how the HTC experiment does before investing in the system themselves, but if it does prove a hit, it would come as no surprise to see other handsets announced soon after.

Could this be the start of the Windows Phone hype? What do you think of a Windows powered smartphone? Why not let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Written by Luke Hatfield