HTC to release a tablet to rival iPad Mini and Kindle Fire

HTC to release a Windows-operated tablet

Reports have emerged this week that HTC will launch a tablet which will rival the iPad Mini and the Kindle Fire. It is said that the device will feature a 12 inch screen and will also be run using the latest Window’s operating system.

 Further reports indicate that the Taiwanese manufacturer will release an identical 7 inch version of the tablet, which will be capable of making phone calls, bridging the gap between a tablet and a mobile phone. HTC’s 7 inch tablet is sure to rival the iPad Mini and Kindle Fire, especially with its ability to make phone calls, which really is a spectacular feature that can’t be done with any other tablet currently on the market.

The fact that the new tablets will offer Microsoft’s operating system will really make HTC’s range stand out from all the other Android-operated devices. However, some observers have suggested that the Windows tablet has simply come too late, and that Microsoft should have allowed HTC to release the model at the same time as the HTC 8X in October this year. That said, the popularity of the latest Windows Phone OS in the form of the HTC 8X smartphone indicates that a Microsoft-run tablet will be very appealing to buyers.

HTC’s ‘Quietly Brilliant’ tagline headily applies to these models, as the company are keeping its plans close to its chest. Whether the 12 inch device will boast any profound features is yet to be discovered, but my bests are on the smaller version being the talk of the town once more detailed specifics are revealed early next year.