Is HTC planning to launch M7 pre-MWC?

Will HTC release the M7 before MWC?

Not long ago reports were leaked which suggested that the Chinese manufacturer, HTC, was preparing to release its new flagship model, codenamed the M7. And with MWC fast approaching, it seems that HTC are keen to get in there first, with a mystery invitation-only event having been scheduled for mid-February.

The secret event will apparently be held in both London and New York on the 19th February- just six days before the biggest event in the mobile phone calendar, MWC, starts on the 25th. While HTC’s agenda for the meeting has not been officially announced, observers can only speculate at one thing: the release of the new flagship handset. But why unveil this shiny new device so close to MWC?

The M7 is said to be the replacement of the One X+, HTC’s flagship model for its popular One series. Reports suggest it will boast an impressive 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, a whopping 13 MP rear-facing camera and the newest version of Android. To catch a glimpse of leaked photos of the M7, read more in our article on the speculated specifications.

Perhaps the ‘Quietly Brilliant’ manufacturer had decided to up the marketing ante and steal all the limelight before MWC out-shadows the device. But if this is the case, what will HTC have to show when it arrives in Barcelona? This could be a smart move by HTC; after all, the ambiguous invitations that have been received have certainly got us talking. But is HTC taking a risk by announcing the M7 early; as soon as the big names such as Apple and Samsung make their plans for 2013 known, will the Chinese manufacturer simply get pushed further into the shadows?

To find out once and for all what this mystery event is all about, and what HTC’s plans for the year ahead really are, we will have to sit tight until February the 19th.

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel