HTC scraps megapixels for its Ultrapixel camera

HTC to release its new flagship model

Updated 06/02/2013

HTC's M7 to Feature UltraPixel Camera

Leaks regarding HTC's newest M7 device seem to be coming in thick and fast lately, and now reports suggest that the Taiwanese manufacturer is concentrating its efforts into making the M7's camera a big deal. 

HTC is rumoured to be scrapping the traditional megapixel camera for what it calls an Ultrapixel camera, instead. This Ultrapixel camera essentially consists of three 4.3 megapixel lenses, layered on top of each other, which, you could argue, make up the 13 megapixel camera the M7 is rumoured to have.

However, it is said that layering the lenses creates a much crisper image than having a single 13 MP lens. On HTC's official blog, it is said that: "HTC kicks off a new sound and camera experience in 2013". If this doesn't build our hopes up, what will?

If this really is the case, I'm sure the M7's camera will have us all snapping and talking when we finally get our hands on it. Leaked images of the device in Carphone Warehouse's inventory [pictured below, courtesy of Pocket-lint] suggest all the cogs in the wheel are turning, and we should be able to get our own piece of the M7 action very soon. 


Updated 04/02/2013

HTC Accidentally Show Off M7 Device

Only a matter of days ago we reported on a mystery event to be held on the 19th February, speculated to be HTC’s launch of the M7. You’d expect the Taiwanese manufacturer to be laying low in the days leading up to this grand unveiling, but it would seem that the company’s CEO, Peter Chou, has other ideas, perhaps to the dismay of his colleagues…

Peter Chou greeted the workers of HTC at the company’s New Year’s celebration at the weekend sporting a mystery device which doesn’t match the appearance of any of HTC’s existing smartphones. The chief executive then whipped out another device, displaying both a white and a black model, thought to be the upcoming M7 phone.

We can only assume that Chou didn’t realise he was being recorded at the event, as leaking images of the ‘mystery’ phone can only be damaging to the official release later this month. Unless this is a well-thought out red herring on HTC’s part, it looks very much like yet another marketing blunder from the ‘Quietly Brilliant’ company.


Updated 18/01/2013


Leaked Images of HTC M7

Pictures have been leaked revealing images of what HTC is calling its best smartphone yet, this week.

Although it was announced in December that the M7 would make its first official appearance at MWC next month, the photos released, shown here courtesy of @evleaks at Unwired Viewpresent a phone which is quite unlike the One series handsets. In fact, it bears a remarkable resemblance to the iPhone 5...


While details haven’t been officially announced by the Taiwanese manufacturer, leaks speculate that the new phone, code-named the M7, will be the flagship model for 2013.

What is most notable about the M7’s supposed features is its mega 468ppi and 1080p display, all on a 4.7 inch screen. Compared to existing phones such as HTC’s present flagship model, the One X+, the M7 simply dominates its modest 312ppi.

Inside the handset, it is rumoured that the M7 will sport a 1.7 GHz Qualcomm processor, similar to the X+, and will use Android’s Jelly Bean OS with the latest version of HTC’s Sense user interface.

A highly regarded feature of HTC’s One X+ is its high quality camera and it doesn’t look like the M7 will disappoint on this front either. Supposedly with a 13 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front-facing lens, HTC’s new flagship model for 2013 should be a real competitor in the smartphone market.

But with only one more month to wait until the model is officially announced at MWC, the M7 will soon be available to determine whether the real thing is as good as it looks on paper…


Written by Charlotte Kertrestel