HTC Tease One M10 Release

The HTC One Mini came out in 2013

Now that Mobile World Congress is coming to an end, HTC has officially revealed that the One M10 will be their next flagship smartphone.

In their teaser email, HTC sent an image showing the edges of a possible new handset - it doesn’t reveal much in terms of design, but we can expect HTC’s new smartphone to look somewhat similar to its predecessor.

Although the One M9 was slightly underwhelming and struggled to compete with Apple and Samsung’s 2015 releases - Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6/6s - we can expect HTC to up their game with this year’s smartphone.

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UPDATE: Name Change and World Class Cameras

HTC tease the cameras on the HTC 10

It's now rumoured that HTC will drop the 'One M' part of the device's name and simply call it HTC 10.

What's more, the company continued to send off cryptic teaser tweets, the latest one focusing on the handset's cameras. The tweet reads: "World First, World Class, Front and Back. You'll see." The image (above) also shows the two camera lenses the smartphone could be sporting.

What could this mean? The HTC 10 could come equipped with dual-lens technology, allowing it to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S7's incredible focusing abilities. It may even be that both the front and back camera will benefit from the 'World First' tech HTC is hinting at, like the LG G5 with the modular fucntions.

Dual cameras on each side of the handset could be a major innovation - but we'll have to wait and see. Read more on the rumoured specs of the HTC 10 here.

HTC One M10 Release Date

We all thought MWC might see the release of HTC’s latest smartphone. Unless the company decides to hold a surprise conference today, it isn’t happening.

Instead, we’re looking at April or May as the next most probable release dates - a launch event is said to be planned for April 11th, while the handset could be hitting stores in May. However, no invites for a launch event have been sent yet, so it’s impossible to tell if these rumours are in fact true.

We’ll be following this very closely, so don’t forget to come back for updates on the HTC One M10 release date.

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Teaser picture for the HTC One M10 release

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HTC One M10 specs and design

The company’s CEO announced a little while back that he intended to make significant improvements to the design and performance of the next HTC smartphone.

Unfortunately, the latest teaser picture doesn’t show us enough to say for sure what the M10 will look like - but we can imagine it’ll look fairly similar to other phones in the brand’s range, and it’s probably it’ll be very thin, with an all-metal design.

So far, there’s been whispers of the phone being waterproof, as well as supporting wireless charging - which will help it compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S7. Other rumours include a Snapdragon 820 processor, a 12mp camera, a 3000 mAh battery, and a fingerprint scanner in the home button.

See here to read more about the expected specs of the HTC One M10!

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HTC One M10 pricing

Nothing official has been announced yet, but if we look at last year’s release price for the M9 we can expect the M10 to cost around £600 - £700 SIM-free, while a contract would be around £30 - £40 per month.

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