HTC smartwatch planned for 2014

HTC smartwatch planned for 2014

It looks like Samsung’s not the only smartphone manufacturer jumping above the smartwatch ship; HTC is due to launch its own Android smartwatch in the second half of 2014, Bloomberg has reported.

As usual, we know very little about what the smartwatch might offer users, though we have been assured by CEO Peter Chou that the device will run the Android operating system, making comparisons between it and the Samsung Galaxy Gear inevitable.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear was the first smartwatch to be launched into the market by a major smartphone manufacturer, and has received some mixed reviews. While half of the world is revelling in the concept of wearable tech, many others just think of it as a gimmick.

The main problem with the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is that it only works via the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at present. Although Samsung has confirmed plans to increase compatibility to other Samsung smartphones, Gear sales have been slow to take off.

HTC, as a result, will have the benefit of using Samsung’s success as a measure for its own smartwatch device.

With news that a Google smartwatch, called the Google Gem, is also in the making, one thing is for sure: forget the Chinese New Year calendar, 2014 is the year of the smartwatch.