HTC Planning Plastic M8

HTC One M8

We all seem to love the HTC One M8, but this love comes at a pretty steep price, around £420 to be precise.

But HTC has eased the stress placed on our bank accounts, after plans were revealed to release a less expensive, plastic version of the M8 later this year.

Although we love the aluminium casing that covers 90% of the HTC One M8, it is also what makes the phone so pricey.

This has led to some consumers turning their noses up at the handset, instead opting for a more affordable handset instead.

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But this plastic M8 will cost a reported £130 cheaper than the metal M8, at around £290 sim free.

Contract options will be cheaper as well, with the standard £33/month set to drop down to a possible £25-£28/month depending on the tariff you sign up for.

The new model promises to keep the same specs as the metal version of the handset, with just the casing seeing a change, meaning that these great Sense 6 features are staying put as well.

This is obviously great news for those with a tighter budget, or if you actually prefer plastic to metal on your smartphone.

HTC is obviously trying to buy into the less expensive flagship market with this move, and it should help boost sales over the year if the handset does come into fruition.

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Written by Luke Hatfield