HTC One SV - An Affordable 4G Phone

HTC has always offered a range of phones to suit all budgets and now they want to give you a more affordable 4G phone. The HTC One SV sits between the One S and the One V when it comes to specifications giving you a decent feature set with 4G connectivity.

The phone is packing a 1.2GHz dual-processor and 1GB RAM so it should offer decent performance for running apps and using the features of the Android 4.0 OS. The phone includes two cameras with the front 1.6-megapixel lens for making video calls using apps like Skype whilst the rear facing snapper has a resolution of 5-megapixels and includes an f2.0 aperture lens and a LED flash so low light conditions should be no issue.
Beats Audio is included so you will get great sound when listening to your favourite tracks or watching videos on the YouTube app. There is 8GB of storage on board so that gives you quite a bit of space for music or new apps downloaded from Google Play and there is also a microSD card slot should you need more memory.
The phone has a more rounded look than the One S and One V handsets and the back of the phone includes a rubberised cover so it should be easy to keep a grip on. The phone will be available in black or white and we expect it to be hitting shelves in early 2013, so if you really want to give 4G a try but want to stick to a budget the HTC One SV could be the phone you are looking for.