HTC One Max is revealed

HTC One Max is revealed

After all the rumours, speculation and leaked images, HTC has finally unveiled its first ever phablet, the HTC One Max.

The HTC One Max has a 5.9-inch display, 0.2-inches larger than that of HTC’s closest rival, the Galaxy Note 3. The most talked-about feature of the HTC One Max, however, is its fingerprint scanner which sits on the back casing of the device.

We have seen various leaked pictures and mock ups of HTC’s alleged fingerprint scanner, which works using the user’s index finger rather than the thumb, as on the iPhone 5s.

The One Max in many ways looks exactly like the original HTC One flagship, and features the same premium-looking aluminium casing. One huge improvement, though, is the inclusion of an SD card slot, which extends the phablet’s internal storage from 16GB/32GB to 64GB.

Under the hood the HTC One Max has a quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chip, which, while impressive, doesn’t quite meet the high standard set by the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  

The One Max also features an updated version of HTC Sense, which has made improvements to the phone’s gallery, as well as catering to business users with the new Scribe app, ideal for note taking.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the device includes the same 4MP camera as the HTC One, as well as HTC Zoe, though despite the dual-frontal speakers appearing on HTC’s first ever phablet, there’s a surprising omission of Beats Audio.

Pricing hasn’t yet been revealed, but it is expected that the One Max will hit UK shelves as soon as this Friday.  

HTC will take focus away from budget smartphones

Ahead of HTC's One Max announcement, communications manager, Jeff Gordon, revealed that the company would shift its main focus away from budget smartphones, concentrating more on its high end models.

HTC has been under severe pressure this year after its flagship, the One, made less of an impact in the smartphone market than expected. However, it seems that the Taiwanese firm is aiming to up its game by focusing on its new high spec models, like the One and One Max, in order to rival the likes of Samsung and Apple. 

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel