HTC One M9 Rumours

HTC One M9 Rumours

HTC has become synonymous on the smartphone circuit for producing some of the best looking devices ever. The HTC One M8 was proof of this when it was announced in March 2014, giving users a superb mixture of power and design.

But can HTC continue its good form with the One M9? It’s sure to be the follow-up handset we’ve all been waiting for, but will it truly impress? We take a look at all of the rumours surrounding the HTC handset here to help you get a good look at the handset before its launch.

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HTC Design

Leaked images of the upcoming HTC handset have been leaked online recently, picturing both the front and back side of the smartphone.

They show a pretty similar look to the M8, with the metallic style and seemingly identical form factor. Of course, take these with a pinch of salt, as they're by no means set in stone.

What do you make of this leaked HTC snap?Can you spot any major changes on this M9 snap?

These leaked pictures have since been followed up by some leaked case pictures from Otterbox, which seem to show off a similar style to the live photos pictured above.

Of course, the phone isn't included with the shots of the case, so you'll have to use your imagination, but it's more fuel added to the fire on the design front, regardless.

Are these cases set for the HTC One M9?

HTC has always has a superb design mantra, especially with its high end products like the HTC One M8.

The One M9 is set to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps when it is unveiled by continuing to feature the full metal body that we’ve all come to love from HTC.

It’s not all set to be the same as before however, with a slimmer feel and smoother edges giving the One M9 a unique feel as well.

Also, if you're after a more regal styled device, more leaked pictures of the One M9 boasting a gold colourway have also been revealed.

The One M8 did previously boast a gold style, and it looks like it was popular enough for HTC to run with the same colour once more.

What do you make of this coloUr for the HTC One M9?

Generally, you can expect to see a more refined look from HTC, and many of the concept images we’ve seen so far tend to echo this suggestion.

HTC's UK Twitter feed has also begun teasing us about the upcoming One M9, revealing a short video trailer for the handset.

There's nothing really confirmed about the device in the video other than the date it will be unveiled, but it definitely grasps our attention.

Since this tweet, notorious Twitter leaker @upleaks posted three different promo videos from HTC. All three offer some great insight into the upcoming device, revealing pretty much everything you need to know about it.

What makes this leak even more juicy is the fact that the videos were almost immediately pulled from YouTube and the twitter leakster disappearing from the social networking website.

This could mean two things - that the videos are legitimate and HTC has demanded them to be pulled, or that they are complete fakes and have been reported. We're tempted to believe that they're real however.

This video shows a more in-depth look at the One M9's camera:

This video gives an extra look at the One M9's themes:

HTC Hima?

Rumours have begun to gather about a smartphone being made by HTC called the Hima. It's not yet known whether this could well be the project codename for the One M9, or whether HTC is ditching the One name for its flagship devices as of yet.

It would definitely be an understandable move to change the name of the device, as the HTC One was hampered by marketing issues due to its name. Also, looking into the future, the HTC One M10 doesn't have the best ring to it either.

More recent discussions surround the possibility of a second handset, possibly called the HTC One M9 Plus, taking from Apple's recent success with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

A leaked picture of both of the devices then also snook its way into the fray, also bringing suspicion of similar specs, but a fingerprint scanner hitting the slightly larger device (shown by the physical button at the bottom).

Is there going to be a second HTC One M9 smartphone?

It appears that a second handset is a certainty now, after the larger device was reportedly benchmarked alongside the One M9.

The picture below shows the mooted specs of the larger handset...

Is this the benchmark for the One M9 Plus?

One M9 Specs

Specs are obviously an important part of any smartphone and the HTC One M8 really impressed when it was launched, so can we expect the same from the One M9?

Thankfully it looks like we can, with HTC rumoured to be using an improved 5.5” QHD display, making it one of the best looking screens on the market to date.

Also, a 2.5GHz quad-core processor is rumoured to accompany 3GB RAM and a Snapdragon 805 Chipset, again making the HTC flagship stand head and shoulders above many of its competitors on paper.

Up to 128GB internal storage will give users more than enough room for all of their media and apps, and with a 2,600mAh battery also set to power things behind the scenes, it’s safe to say that the M9 will be keeping HTC’s fan base happy.

On the software front expect Android Lollipop to be available right out of the box, with HTC’s Sense UI plastered over the top to allow for Blinkfeed integration like normal.

Do you believe any of these HTC One M9 Rumours?

HTC's upcoming handset has also been leaked via AnTuTu, showing off what looks like a bit of a mixed bag when it comes down to its specs.

For starters, the screen size is listed at 5", whilst the resolution also appears to stick at 1080p levels, much below the QHD expectations many had for the device.

The 3GB RAM does make an appearance however, and to many people's surprise, it's apparently a Snapdragon 810 chipset making the cut over the previously slated 805 version.

The camera is also showing up as a 20.7 megapixel effort on the rear, with a Desire Eye-esque 13 megapixel selfie snapper shown off as well.

As always, take this information with a pinch of salt, as it isn't exactly tricky to work photoshop for a picture like this.

What's your take on these One M9 specs?

Bloomberg is yet another reputable publisher to shed some more light onto the HTC One M9, confirming that a 20 megapixel camera will sit on the back side of the device, whilst a 4mp UltraPixel offering will make the cut on the front side.

The company also confirmed that a Snapdragon 810 chipset will be accompanying an octa-core processor, making the One M9 one of the faster smartphones on the market.

Rumours have started to circle about the possibility of a Windows powered M9 making an appearance as well, however this is likely to be the case just in the US market for a while.

HTC has worked with Windows before, and the One M8 has been proof of this, so this wouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

Could we see a Windows Phone version of the HTC One M9?

Qualcomm has seemingly confirmed that the HTC One M9 will be using its latest Snapdragon 810 chipset on the social media app, Vine.

The short video doesn't reveal too much, showing a blacked out silhouette of a phone which looks an awful lot like the M9 renders of late.

There's also some clock style numbers which look like the font used on the HTC device. Make of it what you like, but it essentially confirms that the One M9 will be featuring the Qualcomm chipset.

HTC's much loved BoomSound speakers are also looking like they'll be included on the One M9 flagship, after a tweet from HTC Ireland appeared to confirm it.

You can find the tweet below, which includes a short video showing off a musical theme and teasing the One m9's release date once again.

HTC One M9 Camera

HTC received plenty of stick for its dual camera set-up on the M8, mainly because of the 4 megapixels failing to keep up with its competition, despite the UltraPixel technology inclusion. But could we see it again?

Apparently it’s still a highly debated subject, with many beginning to question the benefit of the kit for both users and the company itself.

Considering some of the recent releases from HTC, we don’t think it’s likely that we’ll be seeing the UltraPixel technology make another appearance, with a more widely accepted and better performing 13 megapixel lens set to take over.

We could however see HTC opt for another dual camera set-up, with many fans liking the idea, but disapproving of the execution back with the M8.

One rumour has been leaked by an apparent insider at HTC stating that there will be a dual 20.7 megapixel lens, whilst a 4mp UltraPixel lens will make the cut on the front of the device.

However, many leaked pictures of the rumoured device tend to show just a single lens on the back of the handset, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Also, the shot below was apparently taken by the HTC One M9 according to reports. However, due to the resolution of the picture, it seems unlikely that it was taken with the aforementioned 20.7mp camera, casting some doubt on the validity of the picture.

Was this picture taken by the One M9?

There have also been some rumours circling around the possibility of an optical zoom on the M9, a feature which for now is restricted to just a minority of smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

The real question mark surrounding this rumour is the amount of space the hardware will take up, and the effect it might have on the design, so until we see some evidence we’ve kicked this rumour to the curb.

HTC Smartwatch?

Could we finally see a HTC watch?

Several reports have recently mentioned that the One M9 could well be accompanied by a brand new piece of wearable kit from HTC.

There are very few specific details about the smartwatch, but as it's been mentioned by several publications, it doesn't seem like it could be far off the mark.

It's definitely something HTC could be interested in, especially considering the other companies that have joined the fray in recent times as well, with Apple also releasing its wearable in the near future as well.

HTC One M9 Release Date and Price

HTC is fairly predictable when it comes down to the release date of its flagship handset, with its previous phones all making an appearance in the spring, meaning we obviously expect the same thing this time around.

MWC is perfectly placed for an announcement as it was last year when the One M8 was revealed, so this would be an ideal announcement date, in fact, we can almost guarantee we’ll see the new handset in some  shape or form here bar some spectacular mistake by the company.

HTC has also tweeted that 'something huge' is coming soon - could this mean that a HTC One M9 Plus is a certainty? Possibly so...

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HTC has also confirmed that it will be at MWC, sending out a rather cryptic invite to its own event, stating 'Utopia in Progress'. There's no sign of any handsets or wearables on the invite itself, so for now we're still shrouded in mystery as to when the One M9 will appear.

Is this the HTC One M9 invite we've been waiting for?

On top of this invite, HTC also revealed that the One M9 will definitely be unveiled at the March 1st event, with the UK section of the company giving us this advertisement as proof.

Can you wait for the One M9?

In terms of price, you can expect to shell out £500-£600 for the new HTC device, with contract deals topping the £38/month mark depending on the tariff you choose.

Of course, as more information comes out about the HTC device, we’ll be sure to keep you updated, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield