HTC Releases Windows Phone Flagship

Will the Windows Phone One M8 prove a hit?

HTC’s return into the Windows Phone market has been confirmed this week, after the HTC One (M8) for Windows was officially released.

HTC has had a mixed past with the Microsoft operating system, seeing only minor success with previous devices supporting the software but it hasn’t seemed to deter the company.

The HTC One M8 was originally released this spring, working the Android operating system and has been critically acclaimed thanks to its stylish look and powerful specs.

Is that really a Windows OS on a HTC One M8?

HTC Windows Phone

However, HTC isn’t looking to let it stop there, working hard to port the up and coming Windows Phone 8.1 operating system over to the handset.

The specs of the handset aren’t changing one bit with the Windows Phone version of the M8 however, with the 5” full HD display looking identical to Android model.

The brushed metal style is also out in full force, making it one of the better looking Windows powered devices on the market for now.

The inclusion of a Snapdragon 801 chipset also makes the M8 for Windows the fastest WP handset to date, outpacing the Nokia Lumia 930 which itself boasts Snapdragon 800 hardware.

2GB RAM and 32GB expandable internal storage handle all of the memory needs for the M8 for Windows, meaning you won’t be struggling to find space for all your data anytime soon.

One feature which won the HTC One M8 so many fans with its Android version earlier on this year was its Duo Camera set-up.

Not only does it provide good quality pictures, but it also adds effects to images with minimal fuss, letting you turn that standard weekend photo into a work of art.

Thankfully, this feature is included in the Windows Phone version of the HTC handset, with the same 4mp UltraPixel lens finding its way onto the back side of the phone.

The same 5 megapixel selfie snapper is also included on the front side of the M8 for Windows, making video calling sharper than ever.

The retention of HTC’s classic features from the original M8 is one of the biggest success stories for the Windows Phone device, meaning the likes of BlinkFeed are being translated over.

Also, the vast array of Windows Phone 8.1 features are also making an appearance for the first time on HTC, with Cortana, the Windows Phone personal assistant being one of the most sought after features.

What can we expect from the HTC One M8 for Windows?

Price and Release Date

Currently, the handset has been confirmed in just the US on the Verizon network, with HTC also offering its Advantage program to buyers, meaning HTC will repair a cracked screen for free on one occasion.

The price tag is expected to be identical to that of the Android M8, meaning you can expect to shell out around £550 sim free, with pay monthly deals being around £30-£35/month.

There are currently no details being released about a UK version of the HTC One M8 for Windows, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see some form of appearance before Christmas.

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Written by Luke Hatfield