HTC One Launch Date Pushed Back

HTC One Launch Pushed Back

The entire office was hit with a massive wave of disappointment last night on discovering that the launch of the hotly anticipated HTC One will be delayed for up to two weeks.

The HTC One launch was initially scheduled for this Friday (15th March), after being unveiled to the public just under a month ago, and now the official launch date has been pushed back until the 29th March.

This means, however, that with the rush of the Easter celebrations, it’s unlikely that we will get our hands on the HTC One before April.  A spokesman from HTC stated that pre-orders will be shipped as a matter of priority at the end of March, with all other orders to follow at the beginning of April.

HTC’s launch date announcement was shrouded by Samsung, after the company declared that its new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4, would be revealed the day before the HTC One’s launch at a private event in New York.

So why has HTC delayed the One launch? So far it has been rumoured that the device’s Ultrapixel camera is to blame for the launch being put back until the end of the month, but perhaps it is a strategic move to finally get out from under Samsung’s shadow?

What’s clear is that there’s a lot riding on the success of the HTC One this year, and the Taiwanese manufacturer really can’t afford to make any more mistakes.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel