HTC One KitKat Update Suspended

HTC One KitKat

HTC One users have been dealt a sobering blow this week, after the company pulled the recently released Android KitKat update due to technical issues.

HTC users were rejoicing when the company finally unveiled the update, but after a multitude of problems hit the update this week, the update has since been pulled.

The Taiwanese company failed to point out the issues that users had been having with the update but did mention that it would be suspended ‘temporarily’.

After some digging, we found out that some users have been suffering from battery life issues after installing the update, something which obviously causes a large amount of frustration.

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The update was made available in the UK this month, but other European markets have had the update since January.

It’s unknown whether these other countries have experienced any similar issues, but for now the update has only been pulled here in the UK.

One question many users will be asking is how long they’ll have to wait to get a fixed update, and that’s something up for conjecture right now, with some expecting a few weeks wait, whilst others fear that the update will be permanently pulled.

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Written by Luke Hatfield