HTC One E9 and E9+ Specs Leaked

HTC One E9 and E9+

HTC isn’t content with its MWC launch of the One M9 it seems, after two more smartphones from the company have begun to leak – pointing to a nearby release.

Notorious Twitter leaker @upleaks seems to have their finger on the trigger, as we’ve been given a good look at some supposed specs for the handsets as well.

New HTC Phones

According to @upleaks we’re going to be given two brand new smartphones, set to be names the HTC One E9 and E9+, both of which boast some similarities to the One M9.

In terms of design it’s a pretty similar picture, with a standard front style featuring two front facing speakers on both devices.

Is this the HTC One E9?

It’s on the back of the handset that most of the changes occur, with a plastic rather than a metallic build being used, in an effort to cut down to price tag.

Also, a noticeable change to the camera is evident (in terms of style, anyway) as the lens is of circular structure and is backed by a solid colour surrounding, something which isn’t shown on the M9.

One E9 Specs

Specs for the two phones are also quite different from one another, with most of the detail being kept quiet. However, some of the details are quite interesting to take a note of.

For example, the One E9 is set to feature a similar 1080p 5” display – the very same which features on the One M9. However, the E9+ is expected to pack a 5.5” QHD effort, which is much more similar to the rumoured specs of the One M9 Plus.

Also, whilst the standard One E9 will boast a 13 megapixel rear lens, we can expect to see a much more powerful 20 megapixel effort on the E9+. Both phones are expected to feature 4mp UltraPixel lenses for selfies.

Other specs for the standard E9 are still shrouded in mystery, whilst some more E9+ details have been revealed.

The larger device will apparently boast a MediaTek MT6795 chipset, whilst an octa-core processor and 3GB RAM will also be included.

Both phones are also expected to be launched next month, possibly alongside the One M9 Plus – which itself has been mooted for quite a while now.

What do you make of the One E9's Camera?

Back-Up for the One M9?

Many smartphone fans see this possible follow-up as a way of supporting the One M9, which is still receiving mixed reviews since its MWC launch.

Whilst some fans have praised the company’s latest handset, others have spoken out about the lack of development made with its camera.

Samsung’s successful reveal of the S6 and S6 Edge has also proved a cause for concern for the Taiwanese company, with many fans supporting the changes made by Samsung with its new handsets.

With this in mind, it looks like 2015 could be a make or break year for HTC on the smartphone market.

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Written by Luke Hatfield