HTC One E9+ Confirmed

HTC One E9+

We reported on the HTC E9 and E9+ last week, after both sets of specs were revealed online, and it seems that claims about the handsets being on their way weren’t too premature – after HTC officially announced the E9+.

Whilst there’s still no word on the One E9 itself, we can imagine that we will see one soon enough, especially considering that the E9+ has come to the fray.

HTC One E9+ Specs

What do you make of the HTC One E9+?

Surprisingly, HTC seems to be somewhat confused about just how powerful the E9+ is, listing several conflicting specs on its official product page, which can be found on its Chinese site.

Despite this it’s looking like quite a powerful device; with a 5.5” display apparently boasting QHD resolution, even though it also states that the screen is 1080p. 1080p does seem more realistic, especially considering that the E9+ would outgun the recently released M9 if it did opt for QHD.

Also, the page announces a 20 megapixel main lens – which dominates the rear side of the phone, but mentions a 13 megapixel rear lens as well. There’s no confusion on the front side however, with an UltraPixel lens set to appear, much like the camera on the One M9.

Inside the HTC handset we find an octa-core processor, MediaTek chipset and 2GB RAM, making the E9+ surprisingly powerful, even though it isn’t what you’d define as a flagship device.

16GB of expandable storage is also included – with an added capacity of up to 128GB, meaning that media storage won’t be an issue either.

As always, HTC is also touting its BoomSound speakers for music lovers, which is a welcome addition – albeit an expected one.

Buy the HTC One E9+

Is the HTC One E9+ better than the One M9?

Currently, the One E9+ hasn’t got any pricing details on its dedicated web page, and seeing as it’s only the Chinese site that it’s currently listed on – it’s not like you could pick it up here in the UK anyway.

The handset is expected to head west soon though; it’s just a question of waiting for HTC to confirm this move.

Similarly, there’s no release date that’s being listed either, but seeing as the phone has its own product page we can safely assume that it will be pretty soon – possibly before the end of the month.

Of course, HTC will likely clarify all of these details – along with the conflicting specs in due course, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated. But at least we can confirm that HTC is releasing the handset in the near future.

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Written by Luke Hatfield