HTC One E9 in the Works?

HTC One E9

It doesn’t look like HTC is going to be resting on its laurels this spring, as the company is set to release a less expensive version of the One M9 just weeks after the flagship handset itself.

HTC revealed its latest flagship phone at MWC, launching it alongside the HTC Vive and HTC Grip. However, reviews have been mixed about the One M9, with some claiming that it isn’t offering too much more than its predecessor for a hefty price tag.

To remedy this, HTC could reveal the HTC One E9 – an inexpensive version of the One M9 with a downgraded spec sheet.

HTC One E9 Specs

Will we get the HTC One E8 successor soon?

HTC hasn’t confirmed the device as of yet, but the Chinese branch of Upleaks has leaked some of the specs surrounding the handset.

A 2GHz MediaTek processor is rumoured to be running things behind the scenes whilst also offering 64-bit support, with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage also coming along for the ride.

The very same 20 megapixel rear based camera lens from the M9 makes the cut, whilst the front lens will either be the UltraPixel offering from the M9 or a 13 megapixel lens – depending on which market you happen to shop in.

Whilst this is a bit of a drop in specs compared to the One M9, it isn’t a huge chasm between the two – possibly making the E9 better value for money than its flagship brethren.

Android Lollipop will be the software in play right out of the box, with the HTC Sense 7 interface joining in as well. This means that BlinkFeed, Zoe and all of your other favourite HTC features will be included as well.

Also, considering that the design is likely to be very similar as well, there would be little reason not to consider the E9 if you have your heart set on getting a HTC handset.

HTC One E9 Release Date

Of course, seeing as this is just a leak, we can’t confirm any guaranteed release dates – however and approximate schedule is slated for the end of March.

This means that we could have the E9 in stores and up for grabs within just three weeks. In terms of price tags - the One E9 will be notably cheaper than the M9 device, but we can’t be sure just how much by.

The One M9 is rumoured to cost approximately £430 sim-free, so a markdown to maybe £350 could be reasonable.

Of course all of these details are currently unconfirmed, so you should ensure you’ve taken the standard issue pinch of salt with all of this information until we get more news.

Either way, it doesn’t look like HTC will be placing all of its eggs in one basket!

So, what do you make of the HTC One E9? Do you think it will really be coming soon? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield