HTC Flagship Name Leaked

HTC One+

HTC’s upcoming flagship has faced a pretty worrying problem for the past few months, and that problem is the name of the handset. However, HTC has reportedly decided on a name, but not one which rolls off the tongue very well.

‘The All New HTC One’ will reportedly be the name of the latest flagship handset according to the ever-responsible @evleaks.

Whilst the name is definitely sounding like a real disappointment, we have been given a reprieve of some sorts with the colour options of the handset.

The flagship release will boast three colours; silver, grey and gold, all of which will be available from the original release.

The Original HTC One smartphone is available in silver, black, gold, red and blue, with the latter two being released later on after its initial release.

Whilst we aren’t thrilled with the name, we’re definitely happy with the colour options for the handset.

The All New HTC One will pack a 5” full HD display, a Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM and a brand new Sense 6.0 user interface.

We secretly have our fingers crossed for a possible change of name before its release in March, but even if it stays put, we’re sure the phone itself will be good enough for us to forget about the label.

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Written by Luke Hatfield