HTC Myst - Facebook phone leaked

HTC Facebook phone


It looks like HTC will be entering the market with another Facebook phone if leaked information is correct. This isn't the first time HTC has tried to capitalise on the social networks popularity with a dedicated device as they launched the Salsa and ChaCha in 2011. 
Those phones got a bit of a lukewarm reception; even so it looks like HTC want to try again this time with the HTC Myst. Previously leaked as the HTC Opera the phone is expected to have official Facebook applications pre-loaded such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and the Facebook app with advanced integration for Facebook fans.
The Facebook apps seems to be the main focus of the phone as the specifications don't put it at the top end of the market with the likes of the HTC One. The phone is expected to have a dual-core processor, 4.3-inch display and a 5-megapixel camera. Android Jelly Bean is the rumoured OS as well as 1GB RAM and 16GB of on board storage.
This is still very much in the rumour phase with no word from HTC and no images as yet, although there is a speculated launch within the next few months so keep watching as more news is revealed.
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Author: Carmel Brown