HTC One Two- or HTC One+- rumours

HTC M8 Rumours

Rumours for the upcoming HTC flagship to succeed the HTC One have been cropping up for some time now. So what can we expect from the so called HTC M8?

All New HTC One Video Leaked:

It appears HTC's efforts to keep the All New HTC One under wraps have failed, after a video leaked via YouTube, apparently showing off all of the features the upcoming handset has.

It's obviously an unconfirmed video, but it appears to have ruffled some feathers over at HTC, with the video getting pulled (thankfully after some copies were made) and the creator being warned about the leak.

Name: The All New HTC One?

UPDATE: HTC has decided on a name for the upcoming flagship phone, with it apparently being called the 'All New HTC One'.

There is plenty of controversy surrounding the name, especially considering HTC's choice, which comes as a bit of a shock to most of us who were expecting something slightly less wordy.

The name of the next HTC smartphone is something the firm is keeping under wraps at the moment. M8 is a codename, following on from the HTC One, which was referred to as the M7 until its launch. 

Some have suggested that the M8 might become the HTC One Two, whilst others have hinted that we will see the HTC One+

So unless HTC has a compeltely novel naming system in the works, we could see the M8's launch confusing us entirely!

UPDATE: There are rumours circling about the name of the HTC M8, with some favourites being the HTC Oneor the HTC One2.

Specs: a more powerful HTC One?

A leaked spec sheet published by AnTuTu suggests that the codenamed M8- or HTC One Two- will have a 5-inch screen, 2GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 800 processor.  

Is this the HTC One+?

In tests leaked by AnTuTu, the One Two outperforms the HTC One in most areas, as you might expect. However, this is probably attributable to the One Two's 800 processor (as opposed to the One’s 600 processor), and the fact that the new flagship features Google’s latest Android KitKat.

UPDATE: The HTC One Two will be the first smartphone to become 802.11ac certified, introducing faster wi-fi speeds, with some laptops running the tech with around 300mbit/s speeds.

Fingerprint Scanner

The flagship phone will also feature a fingerprint sensor similar to the one we saw on the HTC One Max, most likely to be placed on the back of the handset, undernearth the camera lens.

Design: will it looks the same as the HTC One?

UPDATE: We've been given a sneak peek at the All New HTC One thanks to @evleaks, the notorious online leaker, who also revealed the name of the device as well.

Unsurprisingly, it looks very similar to the original HTC One, with a dew noticeable differences, mainly increasing the screen size, losing the capacitive buttons and boasting two camera lenses on the back side of the handset.

All New HTC One

We’ve spotted a few leaked snapshots of the supposed M8, and, shock horror, it looks remarkably similar to the HTC One. The HTC One really changed the picture for HTC in terms of style, pushing the One into the same realms of the iPhone for its smooth, all aluminium chassis.

And rumour has it that the HTC M8 will be exactly the same. Let’s just hope it comes in a little lighter than the HTC One, though.  

Camera: 4MP?

Although details of the HTC M8’s camera have not emerged, we can expect HTC to continue the One’s winning Ultrapixel camera lens with HTC Zoe, which wowed critics when it was launched earlier this year.

Unless HTC has any more tricks up its sleeve, we have no reason to believe that the One+ will go back to piling up the megapixels to compete with all the other flagships.  

How much will the HTC One+ cost?

The HTC One+ (or One Two) is expected to follow suit from the HTC One's release, and retail at approximately £40/month on contract or £500 on pay as you go.

Release date

Release dates are yet unknown, though the HTC One was launched just prior to Mobile World congress (MWC) in February last year, so we can expect to see the One+ around this time, if not before.

A High Court judge has revealed that a new HTC handset will be launched in February-March 2014, so an MWC launch could still be on the cards.

UPDATE: It appears we won't be seeing the HTC One+ at MWC in Barcelona after all, with HTC opting to reveal the handset at a seperate series of events in London and New York on the 25th March, well after the event in Spain.

This is likely an attempt to drum up more attention for the One+ instead of competing with the likes of Sony and Samsung at MWC for exposure.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel